Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coming up to the fourth meeting

We have had three Christianity Explored meetings so far. We have had one couple show up every week. She is a believer and her boyfriend (soon to be husband) is not. He believes everything so far that we have read in the Gospel of Mark. We have covered the first 5 chapters. The main point so far is to establish that Jesus is the Son of God by 5 indisputable facts. He has the power and authority 1. over sickness, 2. over nature (although another member of the church tried to tell me that because the Prophets also had "power over nature" we could not use this as a indisputable fact) 3. over death, 4 to forgive us of our sins, and 5. he taught with power and authority, not like the scholars of the time.

The course is really well done, and lays out a great foundation to build from. Both elders of the church have been present and help me to carry on the discussions. I find it hard to carry the discussion, but one of our elders has the gift of blah, blah, blah and does great. Keep praying that this couple will grow in understanding and that the boyfriend will give his life to Christ as his Lord and savior.

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