Monday, November 17, 2014

Kids creating ministry

When we first started having kids in this country, we quickly found that they were conversation starters. People would walk up to us and talk to our kids, and then maybe, possibly they may say something to us. Now that our kids are older, they go to school, and after school activities. Our oldest for example now goes to first grade and plays football for our village. He is part of two teams. The division he is in is a preparatory league and has two teams. The first team is aged 5-7, and the second team is age 8-11. Since Troubsko is a small village there are not so many boys, or girls that play for the team. The older team does not have enough players, so they asked Sidney to play for them. He is the only younger boy who plays well enough to hang with the older boys.
The regular season is now over, but the winter league has just started. Sidney had his first tournament of the season. One Saturday a month the older boys have a tournament, and one Saturday a month the younger boys play. Sidney gets to play twice a month now.

Sidney and the team

There have been many advantages to our son playing for Troubsko. He is the only American, and so we as a family are known by many. We have been accepted into this small community. Everyone knows Sidney's name and it is very cool to hear other parents yelling your son's name and cheering for him. Since the team is small we are also getting to know the other parents. Our experience so far in this village has been completely different than in the other places in Brno we have lived. Please continue to pray that we will be used as a light to this community to share the truth of God's plan of salvation. Please pray that our kids will also be used to share the light and that they may be an influence on their friends.

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