Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How long can 10 weeks take

A ten week course stretched to twenty.

So how long does 10 weeks take, according to the group of Czechs that have been faithfully coming to our Christianity Explored course, 20 weeks. The course is designed to take 10 weeks. Due to sickness, death, vacations and other such events that can postpone meetings, we were to have our last meeting last night. As it turns out, our last meeting will be next week. Everyone decided that this meeting was going to be the meeting that they all wanted to talk, and therefore we did not cover all the material. Last night we discussed prayer, its importance, and why believers should pray regularly. Next week we will discuss the Bible; its history, the different writing styles, how to read it, why we should read it, and how to understand it.

Some really exciting news to share from last night...."but you have to keep it a secret until Sunday" says Ales. One of the guys who has been coming to the meeting accepted Christ. This is a huge encouragement for our church because he is the first person in 10 years to accept Christ from being directly involved with our church. He and his fiancée started to attend our church when she became a Christian about a year ago. They came to English camp last summer and got to know us better and got to know some of the American/ English team that helped. Since camp, he and his fiancée have met regularly with some people from church and have been attending the Christianity Explored course. Yesterday he came to the meeting and told us he made a decision to follow Christ. He said he asked God to forgive him of his sins and that he wanted to start living his life as a follower of Christ. Ales was looking for a bottle of champagne to open, that's how excited he was for Tomas.  Praise the Lord with us as we celebrate our new brother in Christ!

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